The welco advantage

Welco rises above based on several factors: People who work with you personally and pro-actively. Up-to-the-minute knowledge that translates into smart, creative solutions. A commitment to our clients that is both short and long-term. In a nutshell, we’ve raised the bar for what a distributor can be, and can take on any objective or challenge across multiple industries.

We’re forward-thinking and collaborative from Day 1, adding value and exceeding expectations across the line for all our clients. To do it we’ve cherry-picked expert, specialized engineers and account managers, and we’ve built rock-solid relationships with top manufacturers for premier equipment. We train constantly so we’re fully knowledgeable. This is how we can bring astute insights, foresight, customized solutions and leading-edge equipment for maximum uptime, delivering fast on all your growth, sustainability and productivity targets.

  • We constantly follow trends by listening to our clients and conducting market research.
  • We have up-to-the-minute knowledge of new technologies and equipment and changing market conditions, e.g. new regulations, environmental requirements, etc.
  • Our operative word with manufacturers is Innovation - finding what's next and maintaining our leadership in solutions for tomorrow.
  • We’re the conduit between you and the top manufacturers, working directly with them to solve any process gaps or find improvements.
  • We add value to maximize output and minimize upkeep costs, production interruptions or shutdowns, saving you the major costs of downtime.
  • We collaborate with process designers from the start, to help ensure optimal equipment in the first place.
  • We assess existing processes to intercept any potential issues, solve problems and see opportunities.
  • We monitor process equipment through ongoing inspection and input from our Service Centre.

Plus, our Service Centre is second-to-none. Our certified team is able to deliver quick turnarounds on top-level equipment reset/rebuild/repair, maintenance plans, and wear and/or failure analysis. The team frequently participates in factory training and is a trusted source of knowledge and R&D by all our manufacturing partners.