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Providing our clients with world-leading equipment and insight for optimal process efficiency, quality and safety.

“It’s always a pleasure working with Welco”

Pierre, Hudbay

Welco Client

“Your customer service is unreal!”

Marcus, Mosaic

Welco Client

“We’ve always worked closely and valued our relationship with Welco so when something does come up, we are sure to let them know."

Kathlene, Mosaic

Welco Client

 “We benefit from Welco covering a very large and important Canadian territory... they know the territory and the customers.”

Mitch, Eriez

Welco Equipment 


“(Welco does) things... they go out… talk to the customers, interact… attend shows and seminars. Welco (also) welcomes training, their sales reps, but also their clients. They want all the knowledge and all the information.”

Laurie, FLSmidth

Welco Equipment


On this, our 50th anniversary in business, we couldn’t be more proud of our team, our continued innovation and evolution, and our contribution to Canada’s economic health and prosperity. We’re excited for the next chapter, and thank all our clients and partners!

Photo caption:

Founder Jim Welch (center) and clients in the 70’s in front of the Rocanville Oil Can

In 1971, Jim and Rita Welch founded the Welch company – Welco – initiating a culture of exceptional customer service right from the start. Jim was famous for going completely out of his way for his clients, a habit we’ve kept up for 50 years. We’re also relentless – we won’t stop until we find the very best process solutions for your maximum uptime.

Our Engineering, Client Service, Logistics and Marketing teams all play a vital role in our leading customer service and the process solutions and expertise we provide.

Through our ISO certified factory authorized service center, we remanufacture equipment to OEM specifications, and our team of millwrights can provide field service and commissioning, as well as onsite training for maintenance departments and equipment operators, often by our engineers.

Across the board, we’re driven by innovation, efficiency, and absolute safety at our facilities and yours.

Photo: Rita Welch (Left) & Jim Welch (Right)

To transform how Canadian process companies pump, move and mix their resources.

To help companies unlock their process potential by providing them with premier mechanical equipment solutions. Through our team of seasoned, category-knowledgeable client representatives, as well as our specialized engineers, we offer tailored support, ideas, and in-depth knowledge to maximize process safety and productive uptime in support of continuous process improvement and client growth.

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Ambition
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Customer Commitment
  • Safety
  • Accountability

“As we embark on our sixth decade, I am thankful and privileged to be working with such a talented team at Welco, whose extraordinary contributions have ensured our success year after year. I am proud of the culture we have built here—a dedication to optimal client satisfaction through unwavering commitment to the delivery of optimal solutions for our valued clients.”

Michael Welch


“Our credibility and reputation is built on our clients’ loyalty for almost fifty years. We are constantly seeking to broaden sectors and create opportunities by harnessing the strength of our partners and the enthusiasm and expertise of our team, while continually delivering value. This ensures our drive into the next half century.”

Michael Stark

Sales Director

“Our operations continue to focus on the constant improvement of our quality management process, which has earned us our ISO 9001:2015 certification, and assures our clients the timely service and output that they count on from us. Our professional staff, across sales, logistics, distribution and our leading service center, are all focused on maximizing uptime and performance for our clients.”

Franco Vignone

Vice-President Operations

Left to right: Michael Stark, Michael Welch and Franco Vignone

  • Privately held corporation founded in 1971, starting in mining and minerals processing, today serving Metals & Minerals, Energy, Industrial & Manufacturing, Pulp, Paper & Wood, Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceuticals & Biotech industries.
  • Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, at a 24,000 ft2 facility with a distribution center and factory authorized service center. Regional Representation and Local Support located in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.
  • An extensive parts/equipment inventory tracked, up-to-date and fully replenished
  • Currently one of the largest distributors of plant process equipment in Western Canada
  • Represent several of the world’s leading process equipment manufacturers
  • Strategically positioned to supply and service a wide variety of equipment including pumps, valves, screens, hydrocyclones, compressors, magnetic separators, agitators and pneumatic conveying systems


All of us at Welco are extremely proud of our ISO 9001:2015 Certification, granted by QAS International in 2019. Find out more about how our clients benefit!