Tech ServicesIn-House and In-Field

Healthy equipment means a healthy bottom line.

It’s all about the complete life cycle of your equipment. Not only can we sell you quality OEM units, we repair/rebuild, guarantee our work, pre-plan and propose replacement solutions and emphasize maintenance and education. It all adds up to higher productivity and lower capital costs.

Our 6,470 sq. ft. factory authorized Service Centre is second-to-none, strategically located in a high-traffic hub. Our certified team delivers quick turnarounds on a variety of plant process equipment. Through our Welco Repair, Welco Renew and Welco 4C Maintenance services, we provide tech support both in-house and in the field.

  • Hydrocyclones
  • Slurry pumps
  • Wet drum separators
  • Valves

Our Service Centre professionals work in tandem with our in-house engineering team to assure optimal efficiency and specifications of all repairs/rebuilds, especially for ensuring warranty compliance.

We repair specific equipment components to keep your process running, with a 1-year performance warranty when through the Welco Factory-Authorized OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Repair and Rebuild Centre with OEM parts.

We completely take your equipment apart or dismantle it to get it back to the manufacturers’ specs and how it was intended to run. Rebuilding/restoring your equipment to good-as-new ensures the most efficient operations.

As part of our overall repair/rebuild service, our thorough Wear/Failure analysis lets us identify the source of the failure. This is how we find the appropriate OEM repair/rebuild solutions and can propose preventive measures for the future.

Foresee any issues and protect your business. A proactive commitment to our 4C Maintenance plan means ongoing reliability and uptime through preventive measures and strategically timed intervention. It’s smart, long-term thinking that maximizes productivity, minimizes costs and downtime and optimizes quality and safety.

  • Control: Our planned inspections help you detect and prevent equipment failures before they happen. Upon inspection, we’ll recommend a repair or rebuild if/when needed. We also plan replacements - when a piece of your equipment is 90% done, we start looking at a replacement solution. This minimizes surprise costs and interruptions.
  • Certainty: You want to be sure your people and property stay safe and secure. We’re experts at helping you enhance your safety programs. Every piece of mechanical equipment, when overextended, can damage property or a person. Ongoing maintenance programs always play a vital part in safety.
  • Coverage: Your equipment is prioritized in our shop for fast turnaround, and we guarantee our pricing and workmanship.
  • Cost advantage: At Welco your maintenance investment is backed by our solid experience and reputation. Our 4C Maintenance plan can potentially redirect significant and material repair dollars back to your bottom line where it belongs. We’re experts in smart prevention. You can count on your Welco designated 4C team for peace of mind and trouble-free operations.

Over our 50 years in business, we’ve learned what the market needs. We designed our Strategic Inventory program to make sure that Welco clients’ key equipment and parts are always in stock. Our unique way of managing the program lets us quickly resolve any crucial repair needs and respond to emergency breakdowns. Plus we can develop and maintain scheduled restocking plans with you, so you‘re always prepared and running smoothly.

We firmly believe in continuous learning/training, so our Service Centre team frequently participates in factory training and stays up to date on manufacturer service bulletins, the equipment and the best repair techniques. Training is often done on-site at our manufacturers’ factories.

We continuously upgrade our Service Centre equipment, including a new industrial washer and two high-capacity overhead cranes. We can undertake more repairs, faster, safer, with no constraints on the size of equipment to be repaired.