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Our in-house Engineering team is a key benefit in the Welco Service offering and in our mission to ensure highly efficient, long-term uptime.

Our engineers work directly with you to provide specific expertise, supervision and planning for your new or current projects. We work on applications for systems, advise on how to properly feed our equipment into your processes, and more:

  • We collaborate with process designers from the start, to help ensure optimal equipment in the first place, so your investment goes exactly where it should.
  • We can evaluate your existing equipment to intercept any potential issues, solve problems and see opportunities.
  • We act as the neutral conduit between you and our top manufacturers, working directly with their engineers to solve any process gaps or find improvements.
  • With our Account Managers, we design optimal maintenance plans to safeguard your equipment’s lifecycle and protect your investment.
  • We work in tandem with our Service Centre professionals on repair plans, estimates, wear/failure and system analysis, and ensuring warranty compliance.
Our engineers work directly with you

Our team is well recognized by the manufacturers we represent as a trusted source for recommendations. This is also a solid Research & Development partnership that produces ongoing benefits for Welco clients sourcing their future equipment needs, including:

  • Longevity without updating or repair
  • Reduction or elimination of potential downtime
  • Optimal process efficiency


At the onset, our engineers scope out the project, do a technical evaluation and quantify the variables. Then we shop the equipment for you and determine the best fit for your needs and your process, down to the best model pump, the right size and spec cyclone, etc.


Once sizing is complete, a final equipment selection is made based on all the variables we analyzed. This is our official recommendation for which equipment is optimal for your task at hand, and the point where we can offer helpful insights on your specific system.

This sizing/selection process offers you significant advantages. Our approach delivers on several client end-goals and process solutions that can positively affect your business:


This is a radical rethinking of how your organization uses technology, people, and processes to fundamentally alter your business performance. Project-driven companies can use a comprehensive IT tool that meets key needs, delivering precision, reliability and efficiency. It empowers companies with insights from business data, decision-making and ongoing improvement.


This is a result of our constant improvements with new available materials and redesign of existing products.


Vital for changing conditions, we can increase your capacity through the redesign and sizing of units to meet new targets and guarantee optimal operational conditions.


We achieve this by providing the correct equipment, materials, and duty conditions that can guarantee reliable service.


Enhanced reliability typically overlaps with optimum wear life in the mining industry.


One of our targets is to design units with higher efficiency that lowers energy consumption, minimizing the environmental footprint. On the separation side, we sell units that allow the responsible recirculation of process plant by-product/output. We seek to find/build processes that help refine, recycle and reuse resources to minimize environmental impact.


With Welco, you can can profitably adapt an existing line or design a new line installation from scratch. We can tweak or upgrade a process to address equipment upgrades, changes in raw materials, new regulatory requirements, changes in the final output product, etc. This procedure can also help your plant transform ideas into products or raw materials for a market you’ve identified for sales. We always start with a detailed understanding of your desired output and quality of the material/product, through research, line designing, equipment identification and specification, capacity analysis and many other complex factors.


We can improve the overall productivity of your process line. Line efficiency is an essential measure of productivity, and our detailed analysis of a series of complex metrics can flag the causes of lagging productivity and gives us strong clues for potential improvements.


We provide units that are easier to maintain, and we extend the life of all designs to a maximum. This reduces the total cost per hour of operating our units.

During equipment installation, our engineers gladly provide on-site assistance when requested. And after engineering, we go on-site to double-check the build and specs for you.

If you have any issues or questions about your equipment, contact us!