As you know, the safety risks in our industry are very real. Welco’s business revolves around large, heavy equipment: pumps and cyclone units that stand taller than a human and with multiple moving parts. When humans and machines of this scale interact, the potential for harm exists, but injuries are neither inevitable nor acceptable.

All workplace injuries are preventable and there is nothing more important than making sure people go home as safe and healthy as they arrived. To that end, we offer client training and invest in yearly training for our personnel, complete protective gear and up-to-the-minute knowledge of all our equipment. We use seven pillars to ensure our commitment is fulfilled every day:

1. Leadership

2. Training

3. Risk Assessment

4. Operational Controls

5. Emergency Preparedness

6. Performance Measurement

7. Assurance

Our commitment to safety is overseen and monitored from the highest levels of the company – our senior executive team. Safety is a core value and an integral part of Welco corporate culture, and through leadership, training and individual accountability we succeed in keeping our people – and yours – safe.