Wet drum separator

These wet Drum Separators are setting industry standards. The newest advances in magnetic circuitry design, plus over a quarter of a century of experience with solid/liquid separation.

Innovations in both magnetic circuit design and materials of construction are applied to these wet drum magnetic separators. This results in maximum magnetite recovery while operating with a minimum amount of wear and maintenance. Refinements in the magnetic circuit, tank design, and drive system have resulted in further improvements in metallurgical performance and operation.

  • Strongest, most effective magnetic elements in the industry
  • Stainless steel encapsulated magnetic element
  • One piece stainless steel drum shell
  • Abrasion-resistant aluminum or stainless steel end flanges
  • Double-row, self-aligning ball bearings easily accessible without drum disassembly
  • Accurate drum positioning at factory eliminates field adjustments
  • Modular tank for easy installation