All of us at Welco were extremely proud and gratified to announce our official ISO 9001:2015 Certification in 2019, granted by QAS International. It was a company-wide achievement, thanks to almost 50 years’ meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations. This certification is official recognition and your assurance that we have achieved and maintain the highest quality across all our products and services.

We‘ve always focused on new ways to improve performance and customer satisfaction. ISO certification drives a culture of continuous improvement, so is 100% reflective of our business approach and dedication to excellence in customer service.

We adhere to the international ISO standards by applying the Quality Management System throughout our whole organization, which means direct benefits for our clients:

  • Our streamlined, integrated processes let you make timely business decisions and help advance safety and productive uptime for your process and equipment.
  • You can count on consistency for all your projects and our services, airtight organization and detailed records at all times.
  • Certification validates and recognizes our continuous staff training at all client touch points for a superior client experience.
  • Our Service Centre is included in the certification. • There is no price increase related to ISO Certification.
  • We employ our ISO Certified processes and systems with all the manufacturers we represent.

For any questions related to Welco’s ISO 9001:2015 certification, please contact us.