At Welco, we closely follow market trends and new industry parameters in all sectors, proactively recognizing and working towards helping clients capitalize on market upswings, while assisting other clients experiencing downtime and profitability challenges like rising operation costs.

We address all conditions with astute equipment analysis and recommendations for increased efficiency and profitability. We are also experts in prevention, helping shield companies from changing external factors. In short, we have the expert engineers and equipment access to take on any objective or challenge across multiple sectors, delivering custom, optimal solutions.

Welco began in mining—our expertise comes from decades of experience and innovation in the extraction and processing of coal, copper, iron, limestone, nickel, precious metals, potash, diamonds, rare earth elements and more.

In Canada’s vital energy sector, maximum productivity, efficiency and safety are crucial. Welco plays a key role, bringing clients invaluable new knowledge about the leading trends, newest technologies and game-changing new equipment.

This sector encompasses a broad range of companies who need reliable process solutions that ensure quality and guaranteed productivity for uninterrupted delivery of their goods.

Quality, safety and efficiency are paramount in pulp/paper, and process maintenance is especially vital. We are proven, proactive maintenance specialists, helping companies avoid potentially massive costs and downtime.

Impeccable standards are crucial in an industry increasingly vulnerable to social and media scrutiny, so Welco acts as an invaluable colleague and guardian of quality control.

Enhancing our health and wellness through safe, effective products and formulas requires strict, reliable processing solutions that provide consistent quality for the manufacturer and peace of mind for the end-user.