General Purpose Pumps

It is capable of handling the widest variety of liquids, including extremely viscous liquids. These pumps offer a durable, robust design ensuring ease of use and maintenance.

With a large choice of pump sizes, materials and sealing options to suit all applications, this range can be adapted to suit any customer or OEM application. Bespoke mountings and additional components and pipework allow simplified fitment to the final application. Use CEFG pumps for 3.1 certification.

  • Plain internal bearings to cater for self lubricating liquids with external lubrication being available when required
  • Available with a choice of rotors between straight spur gears or double helical gears for almost pulse free operation
  • A simple design with two moving parts
  • Operate with fluids at a maximum temperature of 200°C (320°C with a steel casing)
  • Discharge pressures up to 25 barg (350 psig)
  • Capacity range from 5 litres a minute to 2273
  • Can be supplied with or without integral relief valve
  • Highly customisable range per your requirements