Density Separation

Density Separation

Densimetric tables are used for the efficient separation of dry materials by density. Densimetric tables type M are especially used in separation of products with a high density and grain size up to 80 mm.

Dry densimetric separation is achieved on a vibrating, inclined base. A flow of rising air crosses this base and has two effects on the material. Less dense products float without touching the base and slide to the lower portion of the inclined table. More dense product contacts the table and is pushed towards the top due to the vibration. The greater the difference in density of the products, the greater the grain size bands that can be treated.

Densimetric tables type M have an extremely robust design for treating materials such as crushed minerals or metals. They can be supplied with or without a dedusting system (by cyclone or by sleeve filter).

•Efficient separation of products with different specific densities

•Special robust design to separate crushed minerals or metals

•Option to install an extractor hood and ducts to fully or partially recirculate the air

•Optional dedusting system by cyclone or by sleeve filter