Slam Jet Spargers

In mineral flotation applications, the SlamJet™ sparging systems promote the attachment and recovery of hydrophobic particles through the generation of a fine bubble dispersion that is evenly distributed across the flotation column. The sparging systems are designed to generate a large amount of bubbles at the optimum size for the given application. Specifically, they are designed to generate high rates of bubble surface area which guarantees a high probability of attachment and improved recoveries. In leaching and other hydrometallurgical applications, SlamJet™; spargers improve the process kinetics of the vessel contents by ensuring a high rate of gas dissolution. SlamJet™ spargers are proven in thousands of flotation applications. Designed for and used with these flotation systems, they are also easily retro-fitted to improve the performance of other flotation columns.

  • Higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels than with conventional systems
  • Increased leach kinetics
  • Increased gold dissolution rates
  • Reduced cyanide consumption
  • Improved metal dissolution
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Simple on-line installation
  • Easy Removal and on-line maintenance
  • Reduced agitation power
  • Increased carbon loading
  • Increased throughput due to improved leach kinetics
  • Improved and more uniform air/O2 distribution
  • No high pressure recycle pumps and piping required