RuhRPumpen is an innovative centrifugal and reciprocating pump technology company that offers operators of Pump systems a wide range of quality products. 

OverHung Process Pumps:

ANSI B73.1 Horizontal Process Pump (CPP)

Single stage horizontal centrifugal pump
Radially split casing with flanged connections, horizontal end suction, and top discharge on the centre line
Enclosed impeller
Clock-wise rotation (viewed from coupling end) 
Foot mounted
Oil lubricated
Quick ship program

Design Features:
ANSI std. B-73-1 (OH1)
"Back Pull Out" deisgn for ease of maintenance, allowed for removal of pump assembly without disturbing casing flange connections
Standard or large bore stuffing box selection allows for use of packing, and all designs of single or double mechanical seals
Close coupled assembly available 
Options for high and low temperature available
C-Frame available (assures proper alignment and better seal life) 

Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Steel Industry, Automotive, Agriculture, Tank Farm, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Semiconductor, Food Processing, Power Generation, Pharmaceuticals, Water Treatment, Paper Stock, Pipeline, Textile, Mining

Single Stage Horizontal Centrifugal Pump (PS)

Vertical split casing, foot mounted
End suction, vertical discharge on the centre line
Clockwise rotation viewed from coupling end

Design Features: 
Oil lubricated bearings
Flange connections
Back pull out allows ease of disassembly without disturbing piping
Wear plate is bolted at 3 points (easier to remove) 
Provided at impeller suction side to protect casing against wear. Easily renewable in the field

Mining, Steel, Chemical & Food processing applications, Paper

General Service Heavy Duty Horizontal Pump (SO)

Radically split, horizontal, centrifugal pump
SO foot mounted / SO-M center line mounted
Single or double volute casing, depending on size
ANSI & DIN flanges available
Single suction, radial, enclosed impeller
Thrust compensation via impeller balance holes
End-top nozzle arrangement
Oil or grease lubrication depending on size
Clockwise rotation when seen from driver end
Can be driven by motor, engine or turbine
Stuffing box can be equipped with packing or mechanical seal

Cooling Water, Drinking Water, Seawater, Hot Service Applications (SO-M), Fire Pump, Water Treatment, Chemical/Petrochemical, Iron & Steel, Agriculture Technique, Sugar Industry, Power Stations & Heating Power Stations

End Suction Horizontal Pump (GSD)

Semi-open adjustable impeller
Clockwise rotation when viewed from coupling end
Grease lubrication

Design Features: 
Close coupled
Frame mounted as standard
Back pull-out construction (optional) 
Packing or mechanical seal
Interchangeable liquid ends

Irrigation, Industrial Applications, Water Supply Systems, Construction, Recirculations, Booster Service, HVAC

Horizontal Process Pump (IPP)

Foot mounted
End suction configuration
Radially split
Flanged connections
Fully opened impeller, provides hydraulic balance reducing axial thrust
Clockwise rotation
ANSI/ASME B73.1-2001 dimensionally compliance
Back pull-out construction
Modular design concept
External adjustable impeller

Design Features: 
Easy replacement
Parts interchangeability 
Less maintenance period through Double Row Bearings
Alignment assured
Wide range liquid handling
External adjustable impeller

Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Metal Workings, Automotive, Food Processing, Power Generation, Water & Waste Treatment, Mining