FLSmidth Krebs gMAX DeSandering Hydrocyclones

DeSanders are centrifugal devices with no moving parts, identical to hyrdocyclones but with a closed solids discharge.

The hydrocyclone uses pressure energy from the flow stream to achieve cyclonic separation of solids. The change in flowdirection forces the mixture to spin in a radial vortex pattern. This vortex flow isaccelerated as the internal diameter is reduced over the length of the cone. Solids that exit through the apex collect into anaccumulation chamber, where they are periodically purged, while the overflow discharges continually. 

Solids would typically be removed from the process at the well head upstream of the choke, downstream of the choke and before the production separator, and from the separator in the aqueous phase or sand jetting effluent. 

Krebs DeSanders are available in sizes from 2 inch to 50 inch in diameter, which allows for a solution for most applications.