CMI Vibratory Centrifuges are widely used to dewater the coarsest coal particles, from 3” down to 0.5”. Because of their unique design, our vibratory centrifuges have achieved very low moisture levels while offering an exceptional cost/ton benefit. A number of industries including potash, coke, limestone and certain sands have discovered the versatility, effectiveness and cost efficiency of using CMI Vibratory Centrifuges in their applications.

Screen-Scroll Centrifuges have been revolutionized through the introduction of the Long Life Parts Package. Replacing the "standard" rotating components in Model EBR and EBW Screen-Scroll Centrifuges with an integrated package of components, the CMI Long Life Parts Package provides substantial operating cost-reductions, while also improving overall performance. The Long Life Parts Package was designed to alter the material flow within the centrifuge in order to address the serious sliding abrasion that contributes substantially to the overall operating and maintenance costs of screen-scroll centrifuges. By utilizing a patented "material on material" concept to accelerate material to centrifugal speed, dewatering can be more effective while improving the component life of nearly all contacted wear items.


Mining and Mineral Processing, Potash, Coal Drying, Coke, Limestone